Friday, April 30, 2010


Noticed today that one of my Graham Thomas roses already has buds on it. I'm so glad I'm keeping this blog, because it didn't seem that long ago that I planted it, but looking back, I guess it was 10 days ago... not bad, way to go plant! The MAC roses seem to be recovering some, I'm hoping they start putting out some new growth and looking perkier, I am really looking forward to them on my window outside the office, assuming they get enough sun out there.

In other news, I am SUCH a discount plant addict, it doesn't help that the Lowe's is less then 5 minutes from my work, and right by the sandwich place I frequent for lunch, but it might be out of hand. My deck is covered with Salvias now, can you believe I picked up 10 quart sized pots or so for 50 cents each? Also picked up half a dozen of "Silver Mound" Artemisia, same size and price, two Miss Kim Lilacs in 1 gallon pots, an unnamed hibiscus (not hardy), two foxgloves, and a Boston Fern for 2 dollars a piece. Oh and I can't even count how many bulbs I picked up... sheesh!

I plan on putting the Salvias with the Knock Out Roses, and the Artemisia is going to go in a placeholder bed until I put together the stock tank pond! I'm hoping to soften the edge of it with various silver foliaged plants.... still not sure where it will go yet. Somewhere fabulous! Think I'll use the Miss Kims to soften the edge of the former veggie garden, right now its a very hard rectangle.

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