Sunday, April 25, 2010

my poor feets!

I suppose I am not taking it easy enough as a 21 week pregnant woman should be, but I spent a good 3 hours or so over at Big Bloomers Flower Farm in Sanford yesterday. My feet are so swollen now! I bought myself some flowers, they have such a great selection there, and their annuals are generally less then 2 dollars for a 4 pack, and lots of unusual types. Picked up some clematis that I fear will be duds... we'll see. Its really rainy right now so I won't be able to plant. Of course, I completely forgot to get the Coral Honeysuckle that I saw pictured at Randy and Meg's Garden Paradise a local garden blogger that I love to read. I wanted to get it at Big Bloomers because they generally have pretty good prices, and I'm a cheap gardener! I hope Randy and Meg don't mind me using their photo!


  1. Hi Jen, saw you over at Randy and Megs and decided to pay you a visit. Love the title of your blog and the layout, and aren't you the lucky one. I have never seen such plant bargains. good for you. :)

  2. Thanks Diana! I was just looking at your blog for the first time today, coincidentally! I think I saw you linked off Dirt Therapy, and was curious about the Peony you posted about. Thanks for visiting!