Saturday, April 17, 2010

le sigh!

This isn't going to be a very exciting blog unless I can find my battery charger for the camera, y'all! But since this is mostly a record for myself, I want to note that the Irises and Allium are just about to break buds, and that one of the Coneflowers in the far right corner have had fat, green, half-formed blooms for at least 2 weeks now. Oh and the Hydrangea in the shadier bed just formed the teeniest green buds, as do all the Confederate Jasmine. Most exciting, the plant which name I can't recall, that I really thought wouldn't make it through the winter is starting to bud out. I was almost positive it was dead! Wouldn't that be nicer with pictures? Maybe I'll find the charger this weekend.

I just got 4 roses in the mail, 2 Sombreuil Roses and 2 Madame Alfred Carriere Roses. The MAC have a little bit of powdery mildew, hopefully that will disappear. I took all next week off, and my goal is to get my beds all planted, and mulched. I'm going to try keeping the MAC in a pot on my north wall for a little bit and see if it can survive well enough. If it can, I'll be building a big trellis up to the office window and letting it climb up the whole wall. I've heard the plant will grow 15 feet in a season, so I'd like to get in the ground ASAP. The Sombruil are going on the posts that were put in by the previous residents for a very flimsy trellis - just some 4x4 posts with bamboo poles resting on the fence. I've read this makes a nice pillar rose.

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