Sunday, January 29, 2012

winter blooms!

Finally, after way too long, made the decision to pick up some winter blooming plants. Crimson Candles Camellia (2 pots) and a Prunus Mume 'Josephine'. Both are plants that I've been wanting to get forever, but I keep debating because there's so many choices for Camellias, and I wanted to pick something out in bloom. I went to Camellia Forest which is a local nursery to browse their selection, and this was a cultivar recommended for me. A terrific worker at Cam Forest helped me choose, and I asked for a plant with a longer bloom time, lots of blooms so I could see it well from the back of the yard, and not too fussy. Supposedly, these blooms will open right around Valentines Day, and have a beautiful shade of hot pink to go with it. This isn't my picture, but I borrowed it from this garden's website, which has a ton of eye candy. I was a little nervous about whether I made the right decision, the plants there aren't cheap, but, I felt a lot better when I googled it and saw a picture of it in the Grumpy Gardener's yard. I'm going to plant this by my garden shed ,to hide it a little, because even though its not a particularly ugly shed, my husband hates it. He's crazy like that!

The Prunus Mume.... I'm totally stumped on where to put it. Its a little whip of a stick, but I've wanted one since we moved away from the condo we used to live in, which had one planted nearby, and I love the blooms. Its going to get pretty big, maybe 20 feet, so I need a good place for it. Its chilly today, I wish I had gotten this planting done yesterday, but they need to get in the ground asap! I better go get digging now!

update: Finished planting my shrubs and tree, I hope they fill in nicely. I noticed a little tag on my Prunus that had the date it was propagated. How cool is that? My tree has a birthday ;) May 21st, 2010.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Nothing much to show or report, but I wanted to record that I planted 'Ice Follies' and 'Barrett Browning' daffodils in my beds. Hopefully I'll see some blooms this year, I know I am very late on the planting.