Tuesday, April 20, 2010

going to be sore tomorrow

Today was the most gardening I think I've ever done in 1 day. Pretty much all morning and afternoon until 5pm was spent working in the garden, and I have a lot to show! I finally, finally, FINALLY got the Phlox and Veronica Speedwell 'Icicle' planted, which I have had shamefully sitting in pots for over a year on my deck. Also planted were the red Salvias I have had for several weeks. Terrible, I know, but I am a discount plant addict, and as such, I'm always buying things for cheap and then trying to find a place for them, and there is a Lowe's 5 minutes from my workplace. Its worked out in my favor so far, as I have gotten a really great bed full of perennials for probably 30 dollars. When I find my battery charger I'll post some pictures.

So today, I planted in the bed with the Graham Thomas roses, 10 Montbresia, 50 Gladiolus, 9 Lilies, 3 Veronica Speedwell and some Red Salvias. Sadly, all this work comes to just a handful of above ground plants for me to look at. Boo!

edit: just realized I should write down these plants I got as well: Apricot Twist Wallflower "Erysimum 'Apricot Twist'" and Ballerina Red Armeria "Armeria pseudarmeria 'Ballerina Red'" The Wallflower went into the drought tolerant bed, and is looking pretty good already. Both were Lowe's discount bin impulse buys... not sure what I will do with the Armeria.

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