Thursday, June 27, 2013


If you, like me, use Google Reader to keep up with your blogs, you've probably already navigated to Feedly, or Bloglovin, or something else.  I just wanted to mention there's another option that a friend pointed me to, called Old Reader, which is a clone of Google Reader and handles similarly. I was particularly happy that I could use it to customize my blog roll, and not be forced to use alphabetical order, which is what Feedly does.

Well, enough with the tech talk, here's some plants that are blooming for me right now.

I love this straight out of the iphone shot, and on top of that, I am in LOVE with this plant.   This is the canna I received as a passalong back in November, Panache, and its gorgeous.  I love it so much.  Its by my other canna that's on the other side of the urn, which is a Phasion which is giving me some gorgeous orange blooms now, but I don't have a picture of them yet. I'm debating growing a Pacific Beauty behind the urn, but maybe that will be too much?  

Here's a death row rescue, I bought this hydrangea at Lowes for a dollar on the sale table.  I can't remember the type of hydrangea it is though, any guesses? I really should be better at writing down my plant info, since that's the whole point of the blog.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

shovel day

Can you believe this weather we're having? Well, I don't know how it is where you are, dear reader, but here in NC, it has been just incredibly nice.  Not oppressively hot.  I went out and gardened at noon today.  NOON! And not only did I not want to die, I didn't even think anything of it until I realized what time it was. I think the high was 81, we had a nice breeze, and I foolishly transplanted a couple shrubs that I've had in pots.  I don't know what I was thinking, but hopefully they will do ok.  I moved a Pee Gee Hydrangea to an area that is somewhat shaded, I hope it will get enough sun to get blooms.  May have made the wrong call there... And I moved a little Alberta Spruce, one of the first plants I ever bought, into the ground. right off the deck.   I think it will be a great place for it.  Oh and moved an Amaryllis that I had completely forgotten about all winter, and I'm reasonably sure I didn't even water it.  It started to bloom in my unheated garage, so I brought it up in February, and then moved it outside when the weather warms up.  I sure hope it likes where I put it, because I'd hate to kill anything tough enough to survive being neglected all winter. 
Here's what's blooming for me right now:

 First blooms ever! I thought I had written this down somewhere in the blog, but I can't find it. I thought this was a PDN purchase, but I can't find anything resembling it on their website.  Oh well.  Its a white calla lily! Tell all your friends!

Cherry Verbena, one of my favorites.  I need to buy more of this every year.

 This is another first time bloomer.  I don't love the color.  This was a discount bag o' bulbs from end of season clearance at Lowes.  I will give this plant credit for surviving 2-3 years now with me forgetfully digging it up when planting annuals.  Way to keep on fighting, pumpkin colored calla.

I thiiiiiink this is Nelly Moser Clematis.  It could be a Barbara Jackman.  I have two clematis planted by the deck.  Its one of those.  Lots of blooms on it this year!