Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Camera fail!

Despite the fact that I'm sure that rogue battery charger must be somewhere in the house, I broke down and ordered a new one, so that I could finally start posting pictures of my garden. Sadly, once, I plugged in my charged battery, I find out my CAMERA is now broken. Argh! So once again, rather than show some pretty pictures, I must merely catalog the new bed in words. How archaic ;)

The new bed put in sort of butts against the existing bed of mostly Bee Balm, and I'm going with a cottage garden theme here. I planted a few Foxgloves, Miss Manners Obedient Plant, some miscellaneous Asiatic Lilies, Verbena "Snowflurry", white narrow leaf Zinnias and a perennial Heliotrope. I left the ground unmulched to encourage reseeding... we'll see how that works. More weeding for me, that's for sure. I'm wondering if there's any mulch that would allow the seeds to germinate .. leaf mulch maybe? The Graham Thomas roses look like they are about to bloom any moment now, and I can't wait!

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