Monday, May 31, 2010

finally, pictures!

Its been a couple weeks since I updated, but I've been really busy around the house getting everything ready for the baby. And napping. A LOT of napping. I hardly have energy to garden, and weeding is getting harder to do, too. Hopefully my garden will hang in there until I'm back to full capacity.

I finally got a new camera, and while I had been debating waiting until closer to the due date, to see if prices go down anymore, I'm glad I got it now, because its actually more complicated to use than I expected. I got the Canon Rebel T1i, for those imaginary people that read my blog who might be interested.

So here's a little garden tour to start things off! This is my favorite area in the mornings, although it doesn't photograph as nicely as I would like, I'm sure in years to come it will be more impressive. I just love the way the sun hits this garden and lights up the Coral Bark Maple and Virginia Creeper. I have a great view of this garden from my kitchen table.

Here's another view with my Maiku Jaku tree in the foreground. This tree is one of my favorites, and I think its very happy in this spot. I just love how pretty the Bee Balm is when lit by that sun, it just glows!

Luscious red Bee Balm! I tried some in another bed last year and it all died, but that bed is the death bed! I had only one plant survive in there, but I realize now that I put too much compost and not enough topsoil in there. I will revamp it, maybe next year. It needs to some major work, the soil is the worst in the yard there, it turns into a clay bowl of dirt soup when it rains, and stays that way for days and days. Plus, I read that Bee Balm likes a moist soil, and that area gets baked by the sun all day. This new garden bed it is in seems pretty ideal, the soil holds moisture well, and it gets morning sun, and late afternoon shade.

Here's where the Graham Thomas roses went, you can see that the Veronica Speedwell "Icicles" are just about to bloom. I'm pretty happy with these plants, as I left them in their nursery pots all winter ( I do that a lot), but they bounced back great once they were in the ground. You can see how weedy the areas between the bed are, but they look a lot better then when we moved in!

Well, I hope the formatting worked out OK, if it looks weird to you imaginary readers out there, let me know! This is the first time I've posted pictures for a blog before.

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