Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Coneflowers are one of my favorite flowers. Tough, easy to grow, long blooming, bees love them, drought tolerant, there are so many reasons to love them. Most of all, I love their beautiful range of colors. I've got quite a few different kinds growing, and some of them are blooming now. I'm guessing on these names, because I forgot to write them down, but I think my memory serves me correctly.

Miss Kim:

Sundown(?)or Summer Sky (?):

I have several more varieties waiting to bloom, one white, one yellow and one of the classic pinks. I love their warm colors, especially with the Catmint's purple hues, which you can see in the first picture. I added some Liatris which I thought would bloom with the coneflowers, but since we're having such a mixed up year, the coneflowers are blooming early, who knows when the Liatris will actually flower. Also added some May Night Salvia this year, So hopefully I'll have more purple throughout the bed. I have most of my Coneflowers in my drought tolerant bed, which I think of as my sunset bed, because all the colors are what you would find in the sky as the sun drops down.

Other than roses, I think my collection of Coneflowers is the largest in the yard. Speaking of roses, here's my Graham Thomas, I think its looking pretty fabulous! I can't wait to see how it performs next year.

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