Sunday, January 29, 2012

winter blooms!

Finally, after way too long, made the decision to pick up some winter blooming plants. Crimson Candles Camellia (2 pots) and a Prunus Mume 'Josephine'. Both are plants that I've been wanting to get forever, but I keep debating because there's so many choices for Camellias, and I wanted to pick something out in bloom. I went to Camellia Forest which is a local nursery to browse their selection, and this was a cultivar recommended for me. A terrific worker at Cam Forest helped me choose, and I asked for a plant with a longer bloom time, lots of blooms so I could see it well from the back of the yard, and not too fussy. Supposedly, these blooms will open right around Valentines Day, and have a beautiful shade of hot pink to go with it. This isn't my picture, but I borrowed it from this garden's website, which has a ton of eye candy. I was a little nervous about whether I made the right decision, the plants there aren't cheap, but, I felt a lot better when I googled it and saw a picture of it in the Grumpy Gardener's yard. I'm going to plant this by my garden shed ,to hide it a little, because even though its not a particularly ugly shed, my husband hates it. He's crazy like that!

The Prunus Mume.... I'm totally stumped on where to put it. Its a little whip of a stick, but I've wanted one since we moved away from the condo we used to live in, which had one planted nearby, and I love the blooms. Its going to get pretty big, maybe 20 feet, so I need a good place for it. Its chilly today, I wish I had gotten this planting done yesterday, but they need to get in the ground asap! I better go get digging now!

update: Finished planting my shrubs and tree, I hope they fill in nicely. I noticed a little tag on my Prunus that had the date it was propagated. How cool is that? My tree has a birthday ;) May 21st, 2010.


  1. Jen,

    I have Crimson Candles, it is good, but this year a lot less blooms. Near it we have Kanjiro, been blooming since fall, still a few blooms left. Crimson Candles the red buds unopened last a long time, but the blooms easily blow off, 1-2 weeks bloom time imo. Just picked up R L Wheeler, wow huge flowers, almost ready to open.

  2. Randy, thanks, I will have to check out Kanjiro! Looks gorgeous, and who can argue against that long of a bloom time! One of the reasons I've held off so long on buying a camelia is I just don't have a lot of room in my yard, and there are SO many varieties. I've also wanted to get Pink Perfection, but no idea how it performs here, other than I've seen it in Duke Gardens looking gorgeous, but my yard is no Duke Gardens! ;)