Friday, March 4, 2011

mini update

So mini I shouldn't even consider posting it, but it beats keeping the seed packets on my computer desk for weeks on end. The following plants were 'winter' sowed, but really they were more like 'at the very end of January' sowed.

California Poppy 'Mikado' -- taking a closer look at this it looks like I may have sowed this at the wrong time. Oops.

Flax Blue Lewisii

Old Fashioned Garden Mix -- hollyhock, foxglove, calendula, pinks, stocks. This was an ancient seed packet that my stepfather gave me. Will it come up? Will any of this come up? Will I manage not to pull it up thinking they are weeds if they do actually come up? Only time will tell. Sorry for the lack of pictures with this post!

update: wow, Rock Rose put up a great post for a noob like me, pictures of all her sprouting winter sown plants! This is SO helpful, now maybe I won't pull up any future plants that sprout up... fingers crossed that I see some of these friends in my garden!

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