Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time for my bimonthly post!

Who am I kidding? I would be lucky to pull off a schedule of bimonthly posting.  Isn't it funny that bimonthly can mean both twice a month AND once every two months? Seems like a pretty inaccurate word, considering its sole duty is indicating time. Anyways, this is basically just a flimsy attempt to distract from the fact that I never update this blog.  

Here's a beautiful combo I saw at the NC State Fair.  I love the salvia with the cool blues of this cactus.  I would love to have something like this in my front yard, but I don't think I have the drainage for it. 

Here's my current favorite bed, although its looking quite sad, as we got our first frost, and almost everything is wiped out now.  Everything in this bed is very easy to care for, except for the elephant ears, which like to be watered regularly.  Of course, this summer, I could completely ignore them almost 90% of the time.  We had the wettest summer ever.  I can't believe how lucky we were, although it did wipe out a lot of tomatoes and strawberries.  Our farmers would probably not think we had a lucky summer, but I'll be grateful for it anyways.

Here's my 'Panache' Canna, which was a passalong from garden friends.  This is its FIRST year in my garden, and it is already monstrous! I think I planted this in November last year, and its already towering over my fence, which made the neighbors happy because they got to enjoy those luscious flowers.  This is supposed to spread rapidly, so I suppose I'll have plenty to share, a good thing in my books!

Do you think this Pineapple sage was happy I took it out of the pot this year? I had been growing this for several years in a large shallow pot, and was always amazed when it came back each year.  I'm still confused by that, I know its supposed to only be hardy to zone 8, but each year the plant got bigger, and in the same area of the pot, which made me doubt it was reseeding.  Anyways, I planted it in the ground this year and it just EXPLODED in size.  It was about half the size of that basil plant next to it when it went in the ground.  I really hope it comes back again, because I really loved seeing it.  Best of all, a new sage sprouted in the old pot, I think from some root pieces left behind?  Hope I get a second hardy pineapple from it!


  1. I love the flower on your panache canna. It is tempting me into try ing to find a place in my garden for such a gorgeous flower.

    1. Jenny, let me tell you, it is an AMAZING plant. Bloomed nonstop, and just gorgeous. I loved looking at it all season. If you were closer I'd swap you some! Going to try sowing some bluebonnets in pots this year... wish me luck!