Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer slack

Ok, technically its not summer.  But I have been slack about uploading these pictures of my garden.  Here are some from 2 weeks ago, we have had a great spring, and the garden has been looking beautiful!

 Sombreuil rose, so lovely and divine smelling
Superstition Iris with some Salvia and Cherry Verbena
 How excited am I at all the foxgloves this year!? And, all of these seedlings came from a 2$ box store clearance plant.  Not bad!

 Graham Thomas looking sunny. As a Texan, I am obligated to grow yellow roses.

Madame Alfred Carriere in the background.  I have two trained up on my AMAZING arbor that my stepfather built for me as a birthday present.  I absolutely adore it.


  1. Not only are your roses amazing, but so are your foxglove. We are headed to Texas in another week. La Grange. My brother and his wife are growing their first vegetable garden. Can't wait to see it. You are several weeks ahead of us.

    1. wow, Ann, you are too kind, thank you! I had to look up where La Grange was, but I should have known. I have a sister down in San Antonio and lots of family in Houston. I am SO jealous of their growing zone! Have a great trip!