Sunday, November 25, 2012

Passalong plants!

Yesterday I received my first passalong plants... YAY for gardening friends! Thanks Loretta and Don! I visited their amazing garden.  No pictures though.  I dropped the ball!  Next time I visit I will be sure to take more pictures.  They were kind enough to share two plants in their garden: Canna Glauca 'Panache' and Agave salmiana 'Green Goblet'.  Can't wait to see if they transplanted ok, the Canna was actually a plant on my 'to buy' list. I also found a PERFECT evergreen plant for my tropical bed: Fatsia japonica 'Green' -- so tropical looking with interesting flowers in the fall.  I have to go get this one in the bed asap in the spring!  Can I just say that going to their garden was so bad.  I've let my passion for gardening go into dormancy a little, just because my hands are pretty full keeping up with the beds I have now.  Going to visit their garden made me start coming up with a thousand new ideas for my garden.  They have really done a spectacular job.  I know this is a total tease, because I don't have any pictures.  You'll just have to take my word for it until I get there next time.

Also, I was browsing through my archives to try and remember the name of my roses, and I realized I never wrote them down properly, oops.  So I have 2 Madame Alfred Carriere on my arbor, 2 Sombreuil pillared, and I HAD 2 Graham Thomas, but I got the dreaded rose rosette virus on one.  I've since pulled it and I'm crossing my fingers all my roses aren't infected.  My two climbers have been good performers for me, despite the utter neglect they've faced, the Sombreuil in particular has been a nice, healthy good looking rose with very little pruning needed, just as Phillip Oliver said it would in his description.

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