Tuesday, May 8, 2012

succulents for the front yard

In an ongoing effort to never, ever, ever have anything high maitenence in my front yard, I finally put together a few large pots of succulents, which I had gotten at my previous trip to Big Bloomers.  I'll get some pictures, but its nothing too amazing looking right now, and sadly, I didn't think to make sure that all the plants had tags in their pots, so I'm not sure some of the names of some of the plants I bought.  Oops. I was told that the Whale's Tongue Agave 'Frosty Blue' is hardy to z5, and needs 0 moisture during the winter, so I'm going to be bringing it up on the covered porch during the winter to keep it nice and dry, now that's my kind of plant, one I can ignore during the winter, haha.  I hope they make it ok, because I have long admired Pam Penick's plant over at Digging. The other succulents that supposedly will be able to overwinter in the pot that I have labels for are; Hens and Chicks Sempervivum 'Black', Sedum Rupestre 'Aurea' and Delosperma Aohtonii  'Hardy Ice Plant.'  Lets hope this works out, and that I finally start working my way into gardening in the front yard.

edit: here are some pictures I finally got around to taking on May 29th.


  1. Jen,

    That Whale's Tongue Agave will be stunning in a few years. Good call on the winter placement for it. I really enjoyed seeing wild agave in the desert in AZ several years back.

  2. Jen BTY it took me 3 tries to get past your word verification, not very easy.

  3. yikes! I'll look into changing it! Thanks for stopping by, Randy :)